Luminesce Counseling was launched in 2018 by Kristin Schuchman and Mac Rinehart, originally as Brightside Co-Working, an incubator and shared office space designed to support early career counselors and coaches. Brightside Co-working was also the home of Kristin’s career & entrepreneurship coaching service, Spark a Career.

Over two years, Brightside Co-working became known as one of the best locations in Portland for aspiring counselors to launch their businesses, and after doubling the number of offices and reaching capacity again, plans were initiated to expand to new locations in Portland in early 2020.

COVID-19 lockdowns and the resultant shift to telehealth and online services for nearly all coaches and counselors dashed that vision and nearly destroyed Brightside. However, with the support of Disaster Assistance Loans and encouragement of friends and peers, Mac and Kristin re-launched as Luminesce Counseling in 2021.

Luminesce Counseling extends Mac and Kristin’s vision of delivering engaged, passionate, expert therapeutic and coaching services while nurturing the developing careers of students and pre-licensed therapists. 

Luminesce Counseling is anchored by Adrien Wolmark, MSS, PhD, LCSW who brings over 30 years’ therapeutic experience providing individual and relationship counseling to teens and adults, and more than 25 years’ experience supervising practicum students and pre-licensed therapists. 

Kristin Schuchman, MSW, brings over 20 years’ entrepreneurial experience and since 2015 has been coaching individuals through career transition, workforce reentry, and small business startups. Kristin is author and publisher of two books, DIY Website Workbook and the forthcoming book Jump Start: How to redirect a career that has stalled, lost direction or reached a crossroads.


Luminesce Counseling believes people are innately driven to grow and overcome obstacles through the resolution of trauma and other adverse experiences. Our focus is to help our clients navigate barriers and achieve positive outcomes in their journey of growth and self-actualization. 

Luminesce Counseling professions develop expertise and specialization to deliver the best care and support for our clients. That focus is extended to supervision and mentorship of masters' students and pre-licensed therapists who aspire to learn, grow, and serve our community.

Luminesce Counseling believes many sectors of our professional industry undervalue and commoditize the service of early career social workers and therapists. These conditions lead to high rates of burnout and poorer outcomes for clients. At Luminesce, we value our team’s expertise, and support each person financially, personally, and professionally, thus relieving worries and allowing full focus on our clients' needs.

Luminesce understands that people seeking counseling support often need help as soon as possible— we don’t want to keep you waiting, so if we do not have a therapist who can meet your needs, we will let you know as soon as we can.