Mary Chakhtoura, MSW Candidate 2023


Clinical Social Work Intern

I believe that access to health care, including mental health care, is a human right. That is why I am excited to offer my services to those that may not have the resources to engage in therapy elsewhere. I am currently pursuing my Master of Social Work degree and am therefore not yet a licensed therapist. For this reason, I am happy to offer reduced-rate therapy to everyone.

I believe that it is important to assess cultural and institutional factors with the same scrutiny with which we assess a client’s personal problems. Our problems are not always the result of a mental health challenge within us, but can be brought on by the world around us. By working together, we will explore the barriers (both internal and external) that are keeping you from thriving. I want the therapeutic process to be one of equal partnership between us. Together, we will embark on a journey where we are mutually working towards our common goal of you being able to live the life you deserve.

Mary Chakhtoura, MSW Candidate 2023

• MSW-candidate, August 2023: University of South Florida School of Social Work
• Undergraduate: BA Humanities, New College of California