Eleni Andersen, MSW Candidate '22


Advanced Clinical Social Work Intern

My goal is to honor your unique, subjective experience and respond in ways that I believe will advance the therapeutic process. I am interested in getting to the origins of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, while making sense of contradictory impulses that can make us freeze up or act in ways that go against our own best interest.

Whether you have specific goals you wish to work on or want to deepen your understanding of yourself, I would be happy to collaborate with you. I believe no one knows us better than ourselves, thus, I do not see myself as an authority over anyone else. It is ultimately up to you to decide what is most important to you and what actions to take or not take; I am here to aid you in gaining the clarity, confidence, and insight to achieve your goals or figure out what you want in the first place.

I am neurodivergent-affirming and have lived experience as a person with ADHD. I also identify as non-binary and gender fluid.

Eleni Andersen, MSW Candidate '22

• MSW Candidate, June 2022: Portland State University School of Social Work
• Undergraduate: BA in Psychology with minor in Africana Studies, San Francisco State University