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Naming Luminesce Counseling

Bioluminescent Jellyfish

Welcome to the Luminesce Counseling Blog! I thought it would be fun to take a moment to talk about the choosing of our name, and what it means. If you read the About Us page, you know that Luminesce Counseling had its beginnings with Brightside Co-Working, a co-working space for counselors and coaches. Kristin and I launched Brightside in 2018. But even Brightside drew inspiration from an earlier launch – Kristin’s career coaching business Spark a Career. And more recently, as Kristin has started self-publishing books she founded her publishing house – A Mighty Flame!

When Kristin and I think of a new name, we want that name to be representative of the purpose for the enterprise – a kernel of inspiration for anyone who sees it. Even before Luminesce Counseling was imagined, we agreed that our names would evoke light and action. In each one of these naming processes, we may go through 50 to 100 different ideas. In that process, some of the names start to resonate with us on an intuitive level. And when we experience that feeling, we know we’re on the right path.

Spark A Career is about helping light a fire in pursuit of a fulfilling career, or possible transition to entrepreneurship. Brightside Co-Working was born of our desire to create a community of therapists and coaches that helped build positive energy as they help others. A Mighty Flame evokes the power of words to clear our mental fog and inspire action! Luminesce Counseling speaks to the inner light that shines from each of us – something we want to nurture and grow.

At Luminesce Counseling, Kristin and I want to create a safe, welcoming space for our clients, and a space that encourages our therapists to pursue excellence in their chosen passion. For example, with over 30 years of experience in practice, Adrien Wolmark, MSS, Ph.D., LCSW, is highly qualified to provide Teen Counseling, Couples Counseling, and help people struggling with anxiety, depression, relationships, and grief. But Adrien has focused much of their practice on trans, non-binary, and queer health, and particularly values helping people who struggle with challenges arising from non-traditional identity and non-traditional relationships.

Kristin Schuchman, MSW, while also qualified and supervised by Adrien in the delivery of counseling services, has leveraged her extensive entrepreneurial experience and social work training to focus on helping people in a career fog, as they seek to clarify their aspirations, reenter the workforce after a hiatus, make a career transition to something more fulfilling and meaningful, or possibly launch a new business. Kristin's books - The DIY Website Workbook, and Jump Start: How to redirect a career that has stalled, lost direction or reached a crossroads - speak to her expertise and passion for helping people navigate career transitions or launching new businesses.

Hiker extends helping hand in difficult terrain

While Adrien and Kristin have different expertise and focus, they are connected by a passion they bring to their specialization – and the vision to help everyone bring forth that light and energy from within that makes each of us unique and special. That’s Luminesce Counseling!

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