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Luminesce Counseling Launching Reduced Fee Program

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Luminesce Counseling is launching a reduced fee program to increase access to affordable counseling services while also helping graduate interns pursuing masters in Social Work or Counseling Psychology programs. We encourage clients looking for affordable counseling options to schedule a free 20-minute consult to learn more about this service.

"From my personal experience working with a student in my college counseling center and 25 years supervising these folks, I have found that new therapists offer a high level of enthusiasm, commitment to learning and a very special quality in terms of listening," says Adrien Wolmark, Clinical Director at Luminesce Counseling.

Luminesce Counseling is committed to supporting Social Work and Counseling Psychology students by providing experienced supervision to help students get their careers started with a solid foundation. Students and their clients benefit from being surrounded by a team of supporting professionals that help provide high quality care and strong learning and growth opportunities. And for clients this is an excellent opportunity to access affordable counseling!

Therapist listening

Not only does the reduced fee program provide excellent service, it also sets students on the right path to being exceptional care givers throughout their careers. "When students have supervision grounded in theory, use of self and social justice and the opportunity to grow from collegial interactions with other therapists it informs their work and builds on their excitement for the work," says Wolmark. "Everyone wins!"

To learn more about the reduced fee program and sign-up for our waiting list, request a free 20 minute consult with Adrien Wolmark, MSS, PhD, LCSW. Luminesce Counseling's goal is to host 3 students in upon launching the program, and expand to 5 students. Don't miss this great opportunity - schedule a free consult today to learn more!

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