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Luminesce Counseling accepts Medicare!

Launching any new business can be like drinking from a firehose, and we've definitely been doing that with Luminesce Counseling. In the beginning, we decided that we would be a 100% self-pay practice, with the thought that our clients could submit their paid claims for reimbursement from their insurance providers.

That original plan evolved rapidly to submitting courtesy claims on behalf of our clients, which we will be supporting for all active clients within the next week or so. But we discovered quickly that the plan would not work for Medicare participants. After talking with a Medicare specialist we learned that it was our obligation to either opt out or submit an application for enrollment, and that if we opted out, our Medicare Clients would not receive any insurance benefits.

Filling out paperwork

It's been our goal to make the management of insurance as easy as possible, and also to help clients utilize their insurance so that our services are affordable. Clearly we had to revisit our insurance decision - and we decided to apply for enrollment in Medicare. There was a ton of paperwork to complete, and a lot of confusing questions to answer, but with a few hours of effort and a few more hours on support calls to make sure we had all of our tasks completed correctly, we submitted the application on Monday, October 25th.

After that, it was all down to waiting - typically it takes 50 to 80 days to process an application! Since we already had a Medicare client, we knew we would likely not be able to submit billing or receive payment on any of those services until 2022. And for a small, startup, that's a concern. But we decided it was the right thing to do, so we settled in.

On Tuesday this week I started drafting a different version of this blog post to announce application submission. But as I was editing the final draft on Wednesday, my email pinged and I got the DECISION - our application was APPROVED! That's right folks - two days from submission to approval and we now can accept Medicare insurance! Currently only clients receiving services from Adrien Wolmark, MSS, Ph. D., LCSW are eligible for insurance coverage.

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