Fees, Insurance, Sliding Fee Scale

Luminesce Counseling rates vary by provider and type of service offered. All fees are due at time of service, except for career coaching packages, which are due upon completion of the first session. Luminesce Counseling accepts payment via cash, check, credit/debit, HSA or FSA card for all counseling services. Coaching services can also be paid via Venmo or PayPal.

Health Insurance

Luminesce Counseling is currently enrolled in Medicare for services from Adrien Wolmark, MSS, Ph.D., LCSW. We are out of network for all private insurance plans but do offer courtesy billing to help simplify claims processing and reimbursement. Courtesy billing does not assure coverage for services rendered, or that the full cost of service will be covered by your insurance plan. Insurance benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of each insurance plan and it is the responsibility of each client to understand their coverage. When participating in our courtesy billing program, and insurance benefits will be paid directly to the insured party.

Rates and Reduced Fee Program

Schedule a free 20-minute consult to assess if our providers are a good fit for you, and to learn more about our standard rate schedule. If our standard rate schedule is out of reach, you may consider participating in our reduced fee program, which provides access to counseling or coaching services for people facing financial hardship.


Reduce fee services are provided by graduate student interns, supervised by our professional staff. Graduate student interns will be billing at $25/session - this is a great opportunity to support student education while getting counseling services from engaged students backed by excellent supervisors.

Schedule a 20-minute consult to see if the program is right for you.