COVID Health Policy

As we have progressed through the COVID-19 pandemic, much has been learned about how we can offer a safe, healthy space for our team and clients to engage in in-person counseling services. 

While the safest option is to engage in Telehealth Services, which we can provide, we are also taking action to minimize risk of COVID exposure and transmission in our offices. Here's how...

All Luminesce Counselling staff are vaccinated and have obtained boosters at recommended intervals to minimize our potential for infection or transmission of COVID-19.

Prior to in person encounters, every client must complete a COVID-19 health screening questionnaire and certify that they are not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms

Every in-person encounter is conducted in a private office space that supports at least six-feet of social distancing between client(s) and therapist.

All in-person sessions are conducted with masks on unless our therapist assess a clinical justification for removing masks. All our counseling offices have in-room HEPA air filters to further reduce the risk of COVID transmission.