What's the difference?

While there is a Venn diagram of overlap between career counseling and career coaching, the difference is in degrees of depth and overall objectives.


Career counseling addresses deeper professional challenges like career transition, indecision, career re-entry (after an an absence) and decisions about going back to school or seeking out mentorship. Career counseling typically involves more sessions and often includes career coaching tactics within it. When you feel like you don't know quite where to start with the career coaching tactics, career counseling may be the place to get started.


For instance, if your job search feels random and "all over the place," working on your resume can feel like a cyclical, exhausting experience. If you're unclear about your future in your present career or have been absent from the work force for more than a year, preparing for an interview or a job hunt can you feel like your surrounded by insurmountable barriers. By offering a mix of talk-focused sessions as well as assessments and other tools, career counseling can clear up the confusion, lift the pea-soup-like fog, and give you the clarity and vision to focus on next steps.


Career coaching is more focused on specific rubber-hits-the road tactics like resume and cover letter writing, job search, interview prep, networking and LinkedIn formatting. While career counseling involves taking a deeper dive with more sessions and introspective work, career coaching is more future-focused on strategies and tactical preparation. 

Occasionally, however, career coaching does involve introspective analysis and discussion. For instance, if you are vacillating between two job titles or fields, an assessment like the Strong Inventory or Myers-Briggs can provide much-needed clarity as can a session with a career coach to talk through a period of indecision. Even making the commitment to a career coaching process can help move you closer to your professional goals and break you free of from a period of professional"stuckness" or overwhelm.

We offer a brief intake process to ensure that we can offer a career counseling or coaching experience that is a good fit. We welcome clients of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender expression, races, ages, and abilities and strive to ensure that you feel safe, respected and heard. Contact us to get started.


Kristin Schuchman, MSW received her Master's in Social Work at Portland State University and trained as a counselor at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM).

Believing you need to keep the spark alive in both family and work life, she challenges clients to create careers and grow businesses that provide meaning while maintaining balance.

She helps career changers lift the fog and determine their next steps to find careers that fulfill their personal and financial needs yet work for their lives. She is not a recruiter and not interested in just "getting you a job." She is more interested in helping you build a career to keep you happy in the long term.

As a career and business coach, Kristin offers a mix of personal branding expertise, counseling skills, and clear-headed insight, helping creatives, solopreneurs, and changemakers navigate less linear career paths. Her experiences running a branding business and a women's magazine trained her to sharpen clients' financial savvy and basic messaging, while her MSW gave her tools to help clients overcome self-limiting beliefs. 

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